Imagined as a way to explore unexpected themes and connections linking  more than twenty historic house museums in the Chicago area, the new At Home in Chicago website is playful, inventive, and like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

In collaboration with artist Lilli Carré, web designer Jon Satrom, and a ‘family’ of house museums in and around Chicago–from the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio to Glessner House Museum, Roger Brown Study Collection, 6018North,  Col. Robert R. McCormick House at Cantigny, and other relics of Chicago residential architecture history–I serve as editor of the new website bringing them all together for the first time.

The copy takes advantage of this artistically illustrated space to tell some of the stories these museums have to offer, from an inventor’s electrified dining room tablecloth that literally shocked his guests, to a former vice president’s original composition climbing the Billboard charts.

Visit chicagohousemuseums.org to explore.